Evolution of content marketing: Past & What to expect next!!!

Content Marketing

You’ve heard the saying, “Content marketing is no longer a numbers game. It’s a game of relevance”!!….

Content Marketing is a concept that many can’t understand what it is.

If you want to be successful in content marketing or want to improve traffic on your blog or your website, you need to continuously review, change and evolve your marketing efforts to remain successful.

Through this article, you can easily find out how content marketing evolved over the past few years.

How Do You Need To Change Your Content Strategy!!

When someone started his first blog, let’s say it was 412 words long, contained no images, and had no backlink, permalinks. But that was way back in 2005 or maybe in 2008 at that time content marketing was much different as compared to 2019-20.

It would be terrible if someone published it today because nobody knew who is he, and the post still looked pretty good and even at that time no big marketers use social channels for more engagement.

Would you like to know why it was fine? 

Back then, people never read a post about typing some keywords too much.  It was fresh and people were interested in learning more and it didn’t matter because it was short.

Now, even when you’re writing new content, there is a probability that people have already read something similar. So why, they share your post!!.

In simple words, if you don’t write something new, something valuable or something exciting, it won’t go well.

How To Prepare For The Future Of Content Marketing:

It is difficult to know exactly where content marketing will be going in the future. No, one can tell the exact future of content marketing, but looking at the future we can keep some points in mind, that definitely help our post!.

  1. Don’t go for only long-term content!-  

Now the time audiences aren’t interested in long term content, they may prefer podcasts, short video clips, small content with infographics, quick twitter posts. These short contents may look likes more attractive and the audience may feel more refreshing.

If you create a piece of content, think for the context first. Definitely! a 7000 or 8000- word blog post might not be the best idea but it’s good to make an e-book of perfect length. Use a mix of lengths to keep the attention of your audience. 

  1. Create a piece of content according to the need of your audience:

Content marketing is regarded by many as a road for SEO. While the promotion of SEO and content always goes hand in hand.

Concentrate in your company. Develop an engaging piece of content and want to connect your viewers–even if it doesn’t comply with the best SEO strategies. 

You will be noticed when you are creating content that hits with your target audience exactly, your post automatically will be reached on top searches.

  1. Use Social media platforms: 

As the founder and CEO of Vayner Media Gary Vaynerchuk say: “I love social media because it sells shit.” 

Social Media has become an important part of bringing your piece of content in front of the right people.

Social media has become an integral part of getting your content in front of the right people. It’s not enough to just post your content once or twice on Facebook and Twitter, you have to do more for your audience.

It doesn’t just talk about your content and ask people to click on a link or sign up for your newsletter. You could instead demonstrate how trustworthy you are as a resource for learning and that you get their attention when you ask for anything in return.

  1. Use Paid Ads on your content:

Paid ads come from the top of your sales funnel for the people, who haven’t learned about your product or your brand.

So first ask yourself, what is my target audience and what is my goal?

After analyzing, setup your paid campaign to reach your targeted audience as much as possible!!..  

Above we talked about what to do to create more audience and all such stuff…..

Now let’s talk about the content marketing trends for 2020:

Here, is the list of content marketing trends that will dominate 2020-

  1. Podcast catches more attention.
  2. Youtube live streaming also catches attention.
  3. Niche based content marketing.
  4. Or even micro-niche based content marketing also catches more attention.
  5. Paid Ads for the post also catches the attention
  6. Voice search will get more attention.
  7. E-books. Currently, people attract more towards free stuff like e-books, pdf, guides, etc.
  8. Case studies
  9. Short stories. Are also becomes viral!!
  10. Email marketing


Content marketing will keep on changing. New models are coming tastes are shifting. As an entrepreneur, it is important to keep up with these trends so that the content marketing strategy is always applicable. 

Stay tuned to your community and develops your best piece of content. You can easily navigate the ever-changing world of content marketing when focusing on people who are going to use your content and engage with it.

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Choose nothing but the best. Live happily! 


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