How To Setup Auto Blogging For Multiple Social Media Platform/Profile

Connecting Social Media Account Using JetPack WordPress Plugin: Step1: Login into Admin Panel of your WordPress website.

Wordpress PlugIn Option

Then Click option plugin: and Download the plugin Jetpack. To download the plugin follow the steps as:

Download Plugin

Step3: Now Activate the Jetpack plugin and Configure setup: Setting configuration:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png

After enabling the automatic share your posts to social networks Connects the Profiles to WordPress.

Step3: Connecting the profiles: Follow the steps:

Click on connect and continue by filling up your social profile credential.

Now you have completed the process. Go back and write your blog post and get it posted to your social media profile automatically. Thanks for watching and reading this tutorial. If you want to learn more subscribe to my blog post.


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