Starting with your first Adwords Search Campaign:

If you are new to Google AdWords and want to launch your first search Campaign you are here at the right place.

I will teach you to step by step how you can set up a successful AdWords search Campaign and Also you will be learning that how to target the geographic locations. 

Follow the steps one by one.

First of all, you must be knowing that you need to set up a Google AdWords account

Once you have set up your Google AdWords account now you can start with setting up your first Adwords campaign

Log into your Adwords account.

Select the option to create a new campaign:

Follow the steps listed below in this video tutorial:


Finally You have learnt to create a Google Search  Campaign.

Thanks for watching and reading this AdWords blog tutorial.

If you wish to learn more about google advertising Keep visiting my blog and You can write your comments/feedback and queries it will be helpful for me to improve my skills accordingly.


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